Exploring new frontiers in healthcare innovation – #APACForum


Exploring new frontiers via Unsplash

As you may have guessed from my tweets the past couple of weeks, I am heading over to Sydney, Australia, next weekend to attend the APAC Forum 2016 (from September 12-14). I’m very excited to be attending this healthcare transformation & innovation conference, organized and hosted by Ko Awatea (my workplace) from Counties Manukau DHB.

It should be a fascinating conference, bringing together many world leaders in health transformation and innovation into one place to share, create, and remix ideas to offer better healthcare to all our patients. Part of my daily work is to help support the Allied Health professionals and project teams, so I’ve worked with a number of teams who are running health innovation projects, and using improvement methodology tools like PDSAs. I’m really looking forward to learning more about different methodologies, tools, case studies, and what other folk are doing around the world!

Below is a bit of a teaser tweet of what I’m looking forward to at #APACForum this year 🙂

I’m also looking forward to meeting lots of new people, and deepening existing relationships as well. I hope to blog again after the conference to share some of my key learnings from these three days. You can follow what’s going on at the conference by searching the #APACforum hashtag – if you are passionate about healthcare innovation & improvement, you can also sign up to support the Thunderclap!

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Meet Octicorn! (or what my baby might look like if I married a unicorn…)

So I got a lovely little e-mail the other night from Justin Lowe asking me to talk about his Octicorn project on my blog – seeing as I am the Octopus Librarian.

So what is an Octicorn?

It’s the offspring of an octopus and an unicorn – and incidentally, a very cute character!

The cute Octicorn created by Justin Lowe

It’s also a project on Kickstarter which is trying to raise enough money so they (Justin Lowe and Keven Diller)  can produce a beautiful hardcover story all about Octicorn and how he finds his place in the world.

Unfortunately, I can’t get the video to embed in this post (grrhh!), so you’ll just have to check out his Kickstarter page for Octicorn.

The good news is that he has reached his $15,000 pledge so the project is fully backed so you can look forward to seeing some more of Octicorn soon!

You can learn more about Octicorn here:

Website: http://www.octicorn.com/
Twitter: @octicorn
Kickstarter: http://www.kickstarter.com/projects/octicorn/hello-my-name-is-octicorn