Meet Octicorn! (or what my baby might look like if I married a unicorn…)

So I got a lovely little e-mail the other night from Justin Lowe asking me to talk about his Octicorn project on my blog – seeing as I am the Octopus Librarian.

So what is an Octicorn?

It’s the offspring of an octopus and an unicorn – and incidentally, a very cute character!

The cute Octicorn created by Justin Lowe

It’s also a project on Kickstarter which is trying to raise enough money so they (Justin Lowe and Keven Diller)  can produce a beautiful hardcover story all about Octicorn and how he finds his place in the world.

Unfortunately, I can’t get the video to embed in this post (grrhh!), so you’ll just have to check out his Kickstarter page for Octicorn.

The good news is that he has reached his $15,000 pledge so the project is fully backed so you can look forward to seeing some more of Octicorn soon!

You can learn more about Octicorn here:

Twitter: @octicorn


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