I’m going on an adventure! #BlogJune

I'm going on an adventure

And it’s that time of year – Blog June has began again! You can find out more about it in this excellent blog post by Peta. Go and have a read, and sign up if you want – or just blog 🙂

Looking back at this blog, I haven’t blogged regularly over the last year or so – whoops 🙂 Things have changed a bit in my personal life, I got married, moved cities, and changed jobs (from a full-time tertiary librarian to a part-time health librarian), so quite a lot has happened that I could blog about. So I’m looking forward to using a bit of impetus from this #BlogJune movement to hopefully explore some topics that I’ve been pondering on for a while, but haven’t put into words (or blog posts). Things like:

  • Reflections on an Allied Health conference (first non-library conference I’ve attended!)
  • Reflections on the first Librarian Research Symposium (RLL1) – a rather excellent day of sharing research 🙂
  • Thoughts on literature reviews, curating, and filtering, and presenting the results in a digestible way – was quite struck by @sallyheroes post recently on this topic
  • Using Twitter & social media to discuss and promote research – something I’ve been passionate about for a while, but came across this article yesterday that stoked my enthusiasm again
  • And any other random things I come across, creativity, design thinking, interesting quotes or memes or gifs (aren’t gifs great?)


So go forth and blog for #BlogJune – looking forward to reading everyone’s posts!


6 thoughts on “I’m going on an adventure! #BlogJune

  1. A fantastic first #blogJune post, Abigail! (And belated congratulations on your wedding. I hadn’t noticed your name change until the other day – whoops!)
    and Happy blogging!

    • Why thank you 🙂 Personal changes do definitely affect professional development in your own free time, right? 🙂 Really enjoying married life and my new role, and learning & discovering new things all the time 🙂

  2. It’s a great challenge for getting some PD under the belt by tackling topics we have been meaning to explore for some time.

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