A rose by any other name…

photo-1447713060098-74c4ed0be5e5 (1)

So I’ve been a bit quiet again on this blog recently – whoops; my bad…

But I think I have a pretty good excuse – I just got married!
(and by just, I mean around 6 weeks ago; same diff)

And along with getting married, I’ve changed my name. I think I might have just about changed every instance of it I can think of (at least those that appear on the Internet; that’s the problem with having a sizable digital footprint). And updated my driver’s license, bank accounts, etc… My AT hop card (transport concession card) got blocked yesterday 😦 I still had the same credit card number, but I’d forgotten to go online and change my name in that field – so I hadn’t quite got all the places.

But yeah – the main aim of this post is that you’ll still see me online, and in person, but instead of being Miss Abigail Willemse, I am now Mrs Abigail Tarbotton ❤

20160109 Matthew & Abbys wedding (122)

My husband owns a claymore, so it featured in our photos, and also doubled nicely as a knife to cut the wedding cake 😀

20160109 Matthew & Abbys wedding (116)

Married life is a lot of fun; I totally recommend it 😀 ❤


3 thoughts on “A rose by any other name…

  1. Congratulations gorgeous!!!

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