Playing with my image – Bitmoji


So, inspired by a post by Karen Miller, aka @infoliterai, I created an avatar of myself using Bitmoji  – which may look just a little bit like me 🙂 I love the creativity in creating the cartoons, and would love to try my own bitstips. However, I’m feeling a bit technologically inept tonight – I can find the page & the app on Facebook, but it looks as though the Bitstrips app on Facebook is no longer active, but I can use the avatar I created in Bitmoji in other cartoons. Any ideas on other apps or places to use this?


5 thoughts on “Playing with my image – Bitmoji

  1. Bitstrips is a bit confusing, because the site for making comics is different to the facebook bitmoji site. It also does a few strange things if you try to use more than one account (which I have done), and try to change some details.

    You can create comics at Use the tabs across the top to select the bits and pieces to go in to the comic, and drag them into the frame, resize etc. Here’s a good tip I learned recently – While you can use ‘controls’ to manipulate the character’s stance, if you double click on particular body parts you can get more precision in positioning them, so you can get just the right look you are after! Have fun!

  2. I look better in bitmoji than I do in real life, but the wardrobe options are severely limited. Bring on some better outfits and I may join you

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