Fragile Strength (the Power of Words) #BlogJune

Raining words
“Raining words, in a moment” by Pedro Veneroso licensed under CC BY 2.0

This is a poem that I wrote a number of years ago, but I wanted to share it as part of #BlogJune – I hope you enjoy it 🙂

Fragile Strength (the Power of Words)
Abigail Willemse 

Who measures the power of words?
A word is only a puff of air
Shaped by lips and articulated by a quivering pulse of muscles.
How can marks on paper
Rubbed out by an eraser
But etched on the tablet of your heart
Tear you apart?

Words are so fragile;
How can glittering bubbles of ideas
Shatter your castle of dreams?

Words seem like nothing
Why do idle words like leaves
B l o w n on the wind
Make you cry?
But C. S. Lewis
Threads them like beads on a string
And with them steals your heart
How do they invade you,
Beguiling you with sweet sounds?

Words change you
They shape you, whispering
A tantalizing hint of your person.

Words are a sword of air
They pierce deep
Words are a healing balm
A panacea for all wounds
Words swirl the world
But make it limpid (clear) spangled.
Words made the world
Words have ruled it since.

Words have scarred the world
With calamity and death
But words have painted great masterpieces
That colour the world for good –
Lime green, vermillion,
Cobalt blue, lavender purple,
Bright sunshiny yellow
And blood red –
That colour of death – and life

All have admission
To the golden hall of words
Our words can either tear down the world
Or open our eyes to it.


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