World’s worst orchestra… #BlogJune

Enough said…

If you need to listen to the original (to restore your faith in humanity), try this one out for size:

I’ve just uncovered the story behind this orchestra – and it’s hilarious!

The orchestra is called the Portsmouth Sinfonia and was formed by a group of students back in 1970.

They had a very unusual entrance requirement in that:

(1) players had to either be non-musicians, OR if a musician, 
(2) play an instrument that was entirely new to them. 

It was originally set up as a one-act wonder, but due to popularity continued for 9 odd (very odd) years…


Good old Wikipedia:

Meme machine:…/golden-oldie…


2 thoughts on “World’s worst orchestra… #BlogJune

  1. Oh good grief – the perfect band for me, with any instrument! 😉

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