Skipping rope #BlogJune

Skipping rope
[Skipping rope] by Sharron Drummond is licensed under CC BY 2.0

Skipping rope

Rhythmic swing
Breathless hush
Rubbing on your wrists
Caught on your ankles
Tripping, laughing

This short piece of creative writing stems from a session at the recent LIANZA Waikato/BOP Weekend School 2014, held in Gisborne. The session was taken by the lovely Emma Darragh @darragh_emma (Community Librarian, Tairua Library) who runs creative writing sessions at a local Residential Care Facility. She challenged us all to the ‘one-minute’ creative writing challenge. The second word she gave us was “skipping rope”. The above result is what I scribbled in my notebook. See – all it takes in one minute; it helps just to get something down and not over-think the writing process! You can read my first ‘poem’ in last Sunday’s post. 


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