Behind-the-scenes – the ordinary in life #BlogJune

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Feeling tired today so resorting to a quote. (Already? You’ll never make it through #BlogJune!) So goes my internal monologue…

But that’s what this quote is all about, right? We all have our highlight reels (like my graduation speech), and we have our ‘behind-the-scenes’ moments; those quiet periods of puzzling over APA handouts, negotiating internal political debates, searching for that lost book, or just feeling tired & washed out in mid-week!

So don’t compare your ‘behind-the-scenes’ to others’ highlights (or even your own highlights); after all, if we didn’t have the ordinary, the extraordinary would mean nothing at all, right?


4 thoughts on “Behind-the-scenes – the ordinary in life #BlogJune

  1. Exactly! Life is a continuum, it would be inaccurate to compare one person’s peak to another’s trough. And – like you say – often another’s achievements are often not as spectacular when you pull back the curtain and look ‘behind the scenes’.

  2. Highlights/behind the scenes – you can’t have tiles without the grout!

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