Professional Registration: Round the First Bend in the Road!

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Well, after my post last Saturday on coming up with my Professional Training Plan, I am happy to report that my plan has already been approved – yay!

So it is now due end of February 2015 so I can start my plan.

As promised, my plan has now been approved so I’ve put my plan below:

Professional Training Plan – Abigail Willemse – January 2014

  1. Understand what it means to be a library and information professional (1 activity)

    1. Explore the balance of professional & personal in social media profiles for professional librarians through reading, observation, and blogging. Consider how this applies to my professional practice. (Professional Knowledge or Communication, BOK 1)

  2. Understand the ethical base of the profession and the code of professional conduct (1 activity)

    1. Read the LIANZA Code of Professional Conduct and produce a document reflecting on how I have applied this in my professional practice. (Professional Communication (if I share this document on my blog), BOK 1)

  3. Develop a breadth of practice relevant to your role (3 activities)
    From my Position Description as Electronic Resources Librarian at Wintec (a, b, c):

    1. Manage, facilitate, and administer all aspects of the Library’s web presence and provide leadership in its enhancement

      1. Learn HTML and CSS to help with my role in administering Wintec library’s website in my new professional role commencing February 2014. (Professional Practice, BOK 7)

    2. Take primary responsibility for aspects of the digital research repository and services relating to the management of information

      1. Investigate policies detailing preservation and rights management for items contained with Wintec’s digital repository and modify or create if necessary. (Professional Practice, BOKs 5, 8, or 9)

    3. Research, evaluate, develop and communicate new technologies likely to affect information provision and teaching and learning in higher education and provide training.

      1. Evaluate a range of different technologies, tools & packages for their applicability & appropriateness in Wintec library. (Professional Practice, BOKs 6, 8)

  4. Address knowledge and skill gaps not covered in your qualification or required for your job (2 activities)

    1. Map my new job description against the BOKs and discover the areas which are less required by my role (these are likely to be BOKs 1 and 11). I will update this plan each quarter as I identify these areas & find activities to fill them.

  5. Understand the breadth of library and information services and diversity of customer requirements (2 activities)

    1. Understand users’ expectations of Wintec’s library website and find ways to increase the usability of the website. (Professional Practice OR Leadership, BOKs 3, 4, 10)

    2. Understand users’ expectations of service at the reference desk and develop knowledge of common questions or problems. (Professional Practice, BOK 10)

  6. Participate in professional networks and activities (2 activities)

    1. Present at LIANZA weekend school 2014 & seek feedback from others. (Professional Communication, BOK 7)

    2. New Professionals NZ – continue to create content & collaborate with others to build up a range of resources for NZ librarians. (Professional Leadership, BOK 2)

    3. Continue in my role on the LIANZA Waikato BOP regional committee. (Professional Leadership)

    4. Participate in informal networking events (such as library breakfasts).

  7. Understand the New Zealand context of your work, in particular awareness of the Treaty of Waitangi and Matauranga Maori (2 activities)

    1. Attend either a Matauranga Maori course or an equivalent activity/course. (Professional Knowledge, BOK 11)

    2. Read & comment on articles and/or book on Maori knowledge concepts and service provision & learn from colleagues. (Professional Knowledge, BOK 11)

It’s not required to put in suggested Domains of Knowledge and the BOKs after your activities, but I put them in for my reference to ensure I have something in each Domain and that I covered the BOKs. These may change – they are suggestions – but they do help to ensure my plan is well-balanced.

My plan may change slightly over the next 12 months as I need to submit it to my mentor for quarterly reviews and sign-off, but the basic structure won’t change.

I’m recording my learning in my online journal, using the Revalidation Journal Template provided by LIANZA. It has a space for the date, description of activity, what you learned (have to keep that to under 30 words – argh!), which domain it fits into, and which BOK it fits under.

I’ve shared both my Professional Training Plan & Portfolio of Learning (aka journal) on Google Drive with my mentor, so we can both access (and edit) them anywhere, anytime.

So I think that’s all from me – now I just have to start doing it, and recording my activities…

That’s probably easier said than done!


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