The road goes ever on and on…

Bag End (Hobbiton) a photo I took on my trip earlier this year

As you probably know by now, I *love* all things Lord of the Rings, and this just seemed an appropriate title for this blog post although I have a sneaking suspicion I may have used it before 🙂

Wow – what a year it’s been!

I haven’t posted on this blog for a while (actually since before LIANZA conference in October)  – whoops – but had the urge to do a post now I have finished work for the year.

I love this time of year as you have some time off from work and therefore some time to look back at the year that has just passed and plan for the year ahead.

Some of the highlights of this past year include:

  • Six-months full time work on a cataloguing project at Te Wananga o Aotearoa Library
  • Finishing my degree – BA with a double major in Library & Information Studies and The Humanities in June
  • Running ANZ 23 Mobile Things with Kate Freedman
  • Presenting two sessions at LIANZA Conference 2013

And some of the things I’m looking forward to next year:

  • New job! (more information below)
  • Starting my year of mentoring for LIANZA professional registration

Some of you may have seen on Twitter already that I have a new job lined for next year – Electronic Resources Librarian at Wintec here in Hamilton!

This job involves looking after all the electronic resources, such as the website, databases, and research repository as well as investigating emerging technologies – it’s a fascinating role and I’m really looking forward to starting!

Some of you may know that for the last three to four months, I have been working in a reception/admin role at a law centre. This has been both a positive and challenging time with working in a different sector, learning more about NZ law, and helping a variety of people in a huge variety of situations. It’s been really good for me, and I’ve learned loads and made some great friends, but I am super excited to get back into the library world. This is also part of the reason I’ve been quieter on Twitter with trying to get a handle on a different new job, but I hope to get right back into the swing of things next year and get my library mojo back!

Merry Christmas to you all and I hope you have a great new year, full of new challenges and surprises.


3 thoughts on “The road goes ever on and on…

  1. Congrats Abigail, that’s so exciting. It sounds really interesting! Good luck with it all 🙂

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