This could be a hard habit to break…

Chain by pratanti via CC license on Flickr

After blogging every day in June, it’s a bit hard to stop! I was going to leave it tonight, but had this itching feeling that I had to post something.

So today’s been a bit of a mish-mash with sorting out some stuff around the title of my research presentation at LIANZA Conference 2013, being asked to do a 5-10 minute presentation on ANZ 23 Mobile Things at our work hui this Friday!, working on ANZ 23 mobile things stuff, finishing off another book review for Library Review and trying to catalogue some hard books at work (only 2 weeks leave – argh!)

I also managed to publish the summary of my #TwitMentoring research on the New Professional NZ blog as that was the place I asked my research questions (since this was before the birth of the Octopus Librarian blog…)

Also published my first comment for #CommentJuly on Fiona Doyle’s (@FiFYI) Buntoting Librarian blog. I picked her post on “The Twitter” as it perfectly sums up my feelings towards Twitter.

What with one thing and another, I’ve made it through this day – it’s truly been an octopus day, a bit ‘legs everywhere’; hope tomorrow might be a bit clearer!


2 thoughts on “This could be a hard habit to break…

  1. I also feel as if something is missing, because I did not do a post yesterday, and I also did not get to comment on 5 blogs as I was planning to do… Trying again today!

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