#BlogJune: Looking back…

Mt.Yarigatake is reflect in the pond
Mt. Yarigatake is reflect in the pond by N.kimy via CC license on Flickr

(I was searching “reflect” on Flickr and found this lovely gem of a refection – isn’t it gorgeous?)

Well, we are nearly at the end of #BlogJune, so I thought I might write a post reflecting on this month.

#BlogJune has been a success for me in that I have written every day – yes, some days it has been a struggle, but it’s been a really good discipline too.

I’ve enjoyed blogging about my CPD activities, some topics close to my heart, quotes for #QuoteSunday, and some memes and random posts.


I started my blog on May 8th, so these comparisons are not quite apples with apples, but it’s close enough.

Average hits per month

Definitely gone up!

Definitely gone up!

The hits on my blog this month have been very healthy – not quite 4 times May, but getting there!

Average views per day

About 3x as many views per day!

About 3x as many views per day!

Views by country

No surprises to see New Zealand on top!

No surprises to see New Zealand on top!

Most popular posts

I thought it might be interesting to see my top 3 posts:

  1. #RL2013 1: Community centred learning: The Chalkle experience 298 views
  2. Are libraries just about books? The danger of a single story 230 views
  3. Hamilton NDF barcamp: Crowdsourcing and more! 214 views

It was interesting to see the range of these three posts. I assumed the #RL2013 posts would all be up there, because they have been shared on the list servs, and a number of people were keen to read the summaries. The one that really surprised me was the one about books and the danger of a single story. That one was shared the most on Twitter by many people from different countries so it seemed to strike a chord with people. This was also a post that I struggled to find the inspiration to write, so it is very gratifying to see that many people read and appreciated it.

Posts by topic



Continued Professional Development – CPD

ANZ 23 mobile things

Hamilton NDF barcamp


Professional development thoughts on reading, writing, and side projects

Reality Librarianship 2013


Work/life balance





I’ve really enjoyed #BlogJune; it’s been a great experience and really disciplined me to keep on writing. Now I’m looking forward to #CommentJuly and interacting with the posts other people have written during #BlogJune! Thank you to everyone for participating and reading my blog – it’s fantastic being able to interact with so many awesome librarians from all over the world. Keep it up!


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