Joining the conversation – #CommentJuly

Conversation by Peter Nijenhuis via CC license on Flickr

Wow – it’s been a whirl-wind month with #BlogJune and trying to write every day and catch up on the 60 odd people who are participating too! Thank you very much to @flexnib for organizing it again this year; it’s a great challenge and discipline to write every day.

But one part I feel I have missed out on this month is the commenting; engaging in conversation with those bloggers who have made me think, made me smile, made me go ‘ah-ah’, or who inspired me. I think this tweet this morning sums it up perfectly:

I agree with Teresa; one of the great things about #BlogJune is having all these great posts to read from a great community. But it’s equally important to join the conversation.

I posed a question in an earlier post (actually before #BlogJune) – Why is it so hard to comment?  People gave some really interesting responses in the comments, and following a twitter conversation with @c_hocking, we decided to challenge ourselves to do #CommentJuly. This involves going back to blog posts – starting with the ones from #BlogJune – and commenting on one each day.

I outlined my #CommentJuly rules in an earlier blog post and just summarized them here:

  1. I will comment on someone else’s blog post that inspires me each week day in July.
  2. 31 days in July, but only 23 week days = 23 posts.
  3. I’m away for a whole week in July (without access to WiFi) so will either have to pre-schedule 5 or 6 posts or drop the number of my posts from 23 to 17 or 18. Still working on this…
  4. I will comment on only ONE blog post from each person.
  5. In addition to commenting on this blog post, I will write a post about it on my blog.
    This will include a link to their post and some commentary on what I appreciate about their blog. If possible, I will re-blog it on my blog but appreciate this might not work with all blogging platforms.
  6. Because 23 posts from 23 bloggers is not all that many (and there are heaps of fantastic bloggers out there), I might have to introduce a regular blogging feature and give a shout-out to a blogger once a week. Maybe #BloggerFriday???

I now wonder if my rules are a bit ambitious, and might modify them (a la @juliaderuiter) to just do a wrap up post at the end of the week with the 5 posts I have commented on and share the posts I’ve commented on on Twitter daily.

So are you keen to join us? I’d love to hear what your plan is for #CommentJuly – make up your own rules or modify ours…

Come and join the conversation!


3 thoughts on “Joining the conversation – #CommentJuly

  1. Yay! Can’t wait!

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