Road Trip!!!

Road Trip!
Road Trip! by Snugg- via CC license on Flickr

So I’m off on a work road-trip to Tauranga early tomorrow morning to visit a couple of libraries – really excited because:

  1. First time visiting Tauranga ever!
  2. First time driving a work car (!)
  3. First time driving an automatic…
  4. I get to visit some cool libraries – namely Tauranga City Library and Bay of Plenty Polytechnic
  5. I get to catch up with some colleagues and meet some new ones
  6. I get to spend some more time with my workmate on a day ‘out’ of the office

So I’m drafting this post on Wednesday night because I don’t think I’ll have time tomorrow.

Here’s hoping we catch some of that fabulous Tauranga weather – doubt it though as the forecast reckons showers & hail, but we live in hope…

Tauranga Sunrise
Tauranga Sunrise by Abaconda via CC license on Flickr


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