#CommentJuly – the ground rules

The idea of #CommentJuly (still working on the best hash tag :D) is based on a discussion between @c_hocking and I and some blog posts from both of us. These blog posts – if you care to read them – are my post Blog Lurking: Why is it so hard to comment? and Catherine’s post – #BlogJune.

So the basic concept behind #CommentJuly (or #BlogCommentJuly) is to comment on other people’s blog posts. Simple right?

But I need some goals and perimeters to guide this #CommentJuly foray. So here are my ground rules:

  1. I will comment on someone else’s blog post that inspires me each week day in July.
    I’m not including the weekends because blog traffic is really slow on the weekends, so it’d wouldn’t be fair to the people I post about on the weekend.
  2. 31 days in July, but only 23 week days = 23 posts.
  3. I’m away for a whole week in July (without access to WiFi) so will either have to pre-schedule 5 or 6 posts or drop the number of my posts from 23 to 17 or 18. Still working on this…
  4. I will comment on only ONE blog post from each person.
    This is going to be hard, especially with #BlogJune, because some people have been churning out fabulous posts every day!
  5. In addition to commenting on this blog post, I will write a post about it on my blog.
    This will include a link to their post and some commentary on what I appreciate about their blog. If possible, I will re-blog it on my blog but appreciate this might not work with all blogging platforms.
  6. Because 23 posts from 23 bloggers is not all that many (and there are heaps of fantastic bloggers out there), I might have to introduce a regular blogging feature and give a shout-out to a blogger once a week. Maybe #BloggerFriday???

I’ve already found 19-20 posts I’d like to comment on and feature which I am storing in a Google document for now. So what do you think? Are these feasible ideas or do you have other ideas for #CommentJuly?

I’d love to hear your thoughts!

Blog ideas by Owen W Brown via CC license on FLickr


5 thoughts on “#CommentJuly – the ground rules

  1. I’m sure this goes without saying, but I think #commentjuly should be a positive, constructive and supportive experience for all concerned – if you don’t appreciate someone’s blogging perhaps this isn’t the time to tackle it.
    I admire your thoroughness, but am not sure if I will have the energy to keep up with you!
    My thoughts thusfar:
    1. Use the month to explore more widely, start with the #blogjune-ers and see where this takes me.
    2. Comment on at least one blog post per day – I’m going to be away for a while too, so this could be interesting… I guess I only have myself to blame for suggesting the month of July though 🙂
    3. Draw the attention of others to the post commented on – this may be a tweet, a mention in my own blog or a Facebook post (ie on the ANZ 23 Mobile Things page)
    I do very much like your idea of #bloggerfriday – has the potential to say so much more than the standard #followfriday tweets you get!
    Thank you for putting your thoughts in writing and keeping the #commentjuly momentum going!

    • Definitely – I meant to put in there somewhere that it is supposed to be a positive, supportive experience. I am also limiting myself to the number of blogs I will focus on, and will not be able to cover everyone in #BlogJune by any stretch of the imagination! I’m picking blog posts that stick out to me about topics I am interested in so I don’t mean to cast slurs on any blog posts that I don’t feature – I am limited by space and time – hence the BloggerFriday suggestion 🙂

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