Crowdsourcing – more heads, more ideas #elibrarylife

I need your help!

It’s that time again for LIANZA’s Library Life; I need to come up with a special themed issue for August 13th with a copy deadline end of July.

Past themed issues include:

But I’m out of ideas! Or to be more precise, I have a number of ideas, but am not sure which is the best one or the one that the most people would be interested in.

Here is my list of possible ideas:

  • Social libraries – how NZ libraries are using social media to engage with their communities
  • 2nd or 3rd careers – how librarians have moved into the profession from other jobs/industries
  • The changing face of the library – how NZ libraries are using storytelling to challenge the stereotype (could relate to my blog post on “Are libraries just about books? : The danger of a single story

So if you like any (or all of these ideas), just cast your vote here.

I’m opening the floor to suggestions for the next themed issue of Library Life. I’d love to hear what you would be interested in hearing/writing about because I need lots of contributions from librarians all over NZ!

So here’s what you can do:

  • get your thinking cap on
  • vote in the poll if there’s something that pushes your button
  • leave a comment with your ideas.

Remember – more heads, more ideas – and more fun! I’m really looking forward to hearing what you come up with.

Crowdsourcing by adesigna via CC license on Flickr


9 thoughts on “Crowdsourcing – more heads, more ideas #elibrarylife

  1. People who wanted to be librarians, became oneand still are – and why!

  2. Oh no! I am not part of the biggest crowd in the poll so far. Normally I am so predictable. I really enjoyed “Are Libraries just about books – The danger of the single story” and thought it a very timely subject given the media attention on e-books and libraries. The other topics also look interesting so I am sure I will enjoy the next issue of Library Life regardless. Thanks for the opportunity to vote and keep up the excellent work, Abigail!

    • Don’t worry about it; I might yet use this for a theme; probably not for the August issue, but I will save it for another one or send it around as an idea for someone to write an article on for inclusion in another issue of Library Life.

      No problem – it’s useful for me also to hear people’s feedback and ideas about what they would like to see in Library Life and it gives me more ideas! 🙂

  3. You know what I like – honest articles. I like hearing warts and all. “Yeah, we had this great idea, but this happened and we had to change this and this is what it looks like now!” So maybe that’s a thought with social media – what works, how much time, unexpected things that cropped up (and were both good and bad 🙂

    • I agree! Honest reflective posts – particularly those ones talking about ‘failure’ or challenges – are the best ones. Examples of best practice are also useful, but I think I learn the most from hearing what people tried, what worked (and what didn’t work!) and how they overcame those challenges/situations/attitudes (to social media). That’s definitely the angle I’ll try to encourage people to write from, and it would be excellent to have stories from all different sectors in NZ as each one has particular challenges. It’s exciting seeing the support for this idea and I think it’ll be a great issue 😀 I wrote my ‘sales’ pitch for it while I was waiting for my car to get a WoF this morning so it is nearly ready to go out in Tuesday’s Library Life to call for articles 😀

  4. Future theme? How librarians are helping teachers of year 9&10 students to keep the ‘reading muscle’ alive.

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