Graduation – not the end, but the beginning…

I know that I started my #ConfessionThursday meme last week for #BlogJune, but had to break my rule this Thursday. I figured I could make an exception as I have just finished all the coursework requirements for my degree!

A lot of you probably know that I have finished my degree as I did several very exuberant tweets last night when I discovered my mark for my research paper while submitting the final reflection journal 🙂
BTW, my degree is a BA (LIS and The Humanities) through the Open Polytechnic of New Zealand.

It’s the best feeling in the world! It feels so great to finally be finished my study, and to remove that layer from my life. Unfortunately, I will have to wait until next May to graduate as only one ceremony is held each year, but I’m looking forward to that day!

Cupcakes Graduación - Graduation party cupcake
Cupcake Graduation – Graduation party cupcake by La Despensa del Gnomo via CC license on Flickr
These cupcakes look so pretty – yum!

But as glad as I am, I know this is NOT the end.

Life goes on, and there will still be plenty of challenges, deadlines, stress, and – dare I say it – learning opportunities and perhaps more study! I may be finished my degree, but I will never stop learning. And as I am tidying up the study clutter from my room, I am adding more items to my ‘to-do’ list which were knocked off it due to the pressure of the final few weeks of study. Things like:

  • Investing more in the New Professionals Network NZ (my baby which is languishing a bit due to lack of attention :D)
  • Editing and rewriting my research for publication in a journal
  • Writing my 10 minute lightning presentation on my research for LIANZA Conference 2013
  • Applying for LIANZA’s Professional Registration Scheme and looking for a mentor for my first year of being on this scheme
  • Looking at my role in the Communications Committee for LIANZA Conference 2013 and coming up with new ways to create a buzz
  • Finishing reading and reviewing a book for Library Review
  • The list goes on…

As this photo shows; the finish is also the start! I am glad to be finished this part of my journey and look forward to the next stage – not quite sure what that will be yet with applying for different jobs, but I’m sure it will be interesting…

The Start Finish Line For End To Enders
The Start Finish Line for End to Enders by marcus_jb1973 via CC license on Flickr


5 thoughts on “Graduation – not the end, but the beginning…

  1. Well done! And you’re right, it’s only the beginning 🙂 May your learning journey be long and fruitful 🙂

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