Secret of writing – #QuoteSunday

What I know #writing Steven Pressfield, The War of Art

What I know #writing Steven Pressfield, The War of Art by Teresa Robinson via CC license on Flickr

I saw this quote on Flickr while I was looking for some photos of writing for my Saturday blog post on “The Final Chapter” – serendipity at its finest! This quote seems very appropriate to everyone doing #BlogJune – the problem isn’t the writing per say; it’s sitting down to do the writing. So how can we make writing a habit?

I guess we need to set aside a bit of time each day (or snatch a few minutes every now and then) just to write – and try not to be too critical. I mean; it’s important to write quality stuff, but sometimes you have to work through a bit of dribble to get to the good stuff. After all, a blank page is intimidating so sometimes it’s important just to write – get some words on that canvas – and then go back and fix it up. But you need to start with something!

edit – I was just about to hit publish on this post and then saw two other great #blogjune posts on getting back your writing mojo. Seems like a popular topic 🙂

Con –

Alisa –

All the best to everyone participating in the #BlogJune challenge – I’m really enjoying all the posts so far and I know we can do it!

So overcome that resistance – sit down and write!

Or in the immortal words of Dory:

Just keep swimming!

Just keep swimming...
Just keep swimming by Silvio Tanaka via CC license on Flickr


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