True definition of intelligence – #QuoteSunday

As Sunday is my day of rest (don’t do anything work/study related), I plan to introduce #quoteSunday for the #blogjune challenge – an inspirational quote and my thoughts on it. I hope you enjoy this gem from Albert Einstein!


It is all very well to be intelligent, but who wants to be intelligent and boring? It is much more fun to play, explore, and take risks. Creativity is not just going wild; it is using your intelligence to think outside the box and come up with new solutions.

Incidentally, this what the Octopus Librarian blog is all about – taking the attribute of multitasking within the subject of libraries and making it playful, inquisitive and fun! Hence this blog covers a plethora of topics related to libraries with a focus on learning (often from mistakes :P) and reflection.
I hope this blog succeeds in this ideal and that it both amuses you and makes you think.


2 thoughts on “True definition of intelligence – #QuoteSunday

  1. I really admire you for taking a whole day off Abigail – I think it’s good for your soul. Love the quote.

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