Thing 1 Twitter – Did I Make The List???

This is my very first reflection post for ANZ 23 Mobile Things! Although I am one of the organizers, I am also one of the participants and am learning just as much (if not more!) as the other participants πŸ™‚

The topic this week – Twitter.

“That’s easy,” I thought. I know a lot about Twitter; been on it about a year and have just passed my 5000th tweet. Boy, was I wrong!

I discovered that I have a serious problem. I am maxed out at the number of people I am allowed to follow – 2000 people. So I have a SERIOUS clean-up to do. I have a few options:

1. Create lists to categorize people by geographical location, topics, etc… as you can add people to lists without following them.

2. Go through all 2000 followers and selectively un-follow those I am not interacting with or who just aren’t relevant to me anymore.

3. Wait until I get more than 2000 followers (currently at 850) and then Twitter will let me follow more.

4. Never follow anyone else ever again (is that really an option though?!).

So I’ve decided to investigate lists. I asked how people organize their lists on Twitter and we had a great conversation which you can read on Storify here. I got a lot of different advice about ways to organize lists and different ways that people use their lists. But I’ve decided that lists might not be the best way for me to solve my problem at hand. Why?

  • I find that I tend to just look at my main feed; I think that if I put them all into multiple lists I wouldn’t look at all of them and it might be a waste of time.
  • I’m not hugely a “list” person; I prefer to look at the big picture of everything that’s going on
  • It’s a lot of work going through 2000 people and working out which ones should fit where!

So I’ve decided that it would be better for me to look at all the people I follow and evaluate if I still would like to follow them or if they are not relevant to my lines of thinking. I might also make a decision based on frequency of tweeting and the content they tweet. I’ve tried using Friend or Unfollow to pull out the people that I am following who aren’t following me (1291 accounts!). So I am working through these; some of them are big names in the library profession who I am still very keen to follow (like @mstephens7) so there is still quite a bit to evaluate!

My ultimate goal is to get the number of people I am following down to around 1000 – this is going to take a lot of work but it is definitely a work in progress!

So what do you think? Is this the best solution to my problem or should I “make the list”?


10 thoughts on “Thing 1 Twitter – Did I Make The List???

  1. I’m impressed that you can keep up with 2000 people all tweeting away! I have problems keeping up with anything over 100 and ended up having to put lists in to prioritize what I read and when in order to not miss things! it was always a pain when Miley cyrus had a new tattoo which I had missed amongst everything else! My question is, how do you make sure you don’t miss anything?

    • Hi Bonnie – thanks for your comment πŸ˜‰ I guess I look at Twitter quite often throughout the day; I don’t worry about reading everything. If something is important or relevant often it is re tweeted or I can find it by browsing under the Discovery tab. That being said; I do think that cutting back will allow me to be more effective on Twitter πŸ™‚ Will let you know how I get on. Do you check all your lists every day or just as you feel the need to? And do you organize them by topic or something else?

      • On my personal twitter I organise them as “friends” “celebrities” “news” and “informational” and use them quite often, sometimes I want to know what’s going on in the world and sometimes I want some trashy gossip.

  2. I’ve been using lists for some time – always felt there was too much in my main feed to keep up with, even with “only” a few hundred. (Two thousand! Seriously!? πŸ˜‰

    I grouped them into local (NZ), tech and library. Then I split European library people into a separate list because they talked too much overnight and it was easier to handle.

    I find grouping people in these large meta categories means the tweet stream is a bit more coherent, and it’s easier to catch up with the smaller groups one at a time.

    • Thanks for your perspective; maybe you might make me a list convert after all! Your lists sound very ordered πŸ™‚ I completely agree – 2000 is way too many! I think this is a really good exercise though because it is making me think about how I use Twitter and who I really want to follow and interact with. Maybe once I’ve got that number down to a decent size I will look into lists again πŸ™‚ I cut back 120 odd this arvo and will keep on going.

  3. I just want to mention a tool you might find would be helpful. You can probably remove a lot of inactive Twitter people via – It has more options than friend or follow.

    Also – The reason why lists work so good for me is because you can set them as primary timeline in TweetBot and switch between them very easy.

    Last thing. I set a personal followlimit for myself -> max 600 people – That is rough because there are so many awesome people out there – But I wish I set it at 500 instead.

    • Thanks Jan – Manage Flitter is really helpful; got down to nearly 1700 now, and still tidying up πŸ˜€

      That’s a good point; I don’t use TweetBot, but sounds like it is a really handy way for viewing lists. I primarily use it from my desktop, or Twitter app, or very occasionally Hootsuite. Might look into investing in TweetBot.

      You are very disciplined with setting a personal follow limit – there’s only so many you can interact with.

      Thanks for all the ideas – they have been very useful πŸ™‚

  4. I’m not a list person either Abigail so understand your issue. I follow under 400 ppl and am culling even then. I want to get more indepth and have time to really inyeract with people. And hey, nice work on getting yor blog up and running.

    • Thanks for your perspective; it’s not a mean thing unfollowing people; I am doing it so I have the time to focus on interacting with a smaller more interconnected group of people. I may have been following 2000, but I certainly wasn’t interacting with all of them – I was just a number. Now I want to be a person πŸ™‚

      Thanks – enjoying the blog so far; do you like the octopus theme?

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