Emergence – How #BlogJune has helped me discover my voice

Emergence by ALice Popkorn
Emergence” by Alice Popkorn licensed under CC BY 2.0

I usually always look for a Creative Commons image to use with my blog posts; typically, I start out with an idea in my head and then find an image to match my theme. In this case, I was looking for images about “creativity” and this one really stood out to me. It’s slightly different from the theme I’d planned to write about, but it has set in motion a whole other line of thinking for this post – which I love! Serendipity – isn’t it a wonderful thing?

Anyway, this image is lovely because it perfectly captures the feeling of the new things I blogged about for #BlogJune – creativity, inspiration, things that make me laugh or smile, and creative writing :D Last time, I blogged more about work and library profession issues, but this time around, I really enjoyed exploring my creative side. I’ve found some fantastic books to read over the last month, and some interesting videos (like TED talks, Columbo, and more Monty Python clips – always good).

It also is a metaphor for the emergence or growth of my blogging ‘voice’ – I didn’t realize that creativity was a theme that resonated so strongly with me, but I discovered some great resources and writers this month which have really helped feed my interest in this area. I love the use of light and colour in this image and the vitality and hope it emotes – I hope my blogging voice continues to grow in the coming month and that this #BlogJune won’t be the shot in the dark for a largely dormant blog…

Out of interest, here are several other images I toyed with for this post (but ultimately decided it didn’t quite match the theme of this post – I may use them later on) :D

Creativity is intelligence having fun
Creativity is intelligence having fun” by BK licensed under CC BY 2.0

I thought this was a really clever use of light and creativity, plus it’s coupled with an excellent quote by Albert Einstein – very hard to pass up!

Creativity vs art
Creativity vs art” by Conor Thaxter licensed under CC BY 2.0

Another excellent quote about the importance of creativity, but also a reminder that you need to be selective after you have been creative.

Creativity” by Mark van Laere licensed under CC BY 2.0

This image also elaborates on the theme established in the last one; creativity is important, but you may toss out many ideas to find one that’s a keeper. Loved the use of light, the physicality of the paper, and the shadow of the broom – very nice composition!

In closing, I hope everyone enjoyed the process of #BlogJune! I’m looking forward to catching up on more of the posts over the next month – see you on Twitter and in the blogosphere!

Just one more thing… #Columbo #BlogJune


I’m sure if you follow me on Twitter you may have noticed a recent spike in tweets on a particular topic – Columbo. Columbo (if you didn’t know) is a TV series from the 1970s starring Peter Falk as the titular character, a police inspector dressed in a brown trench coat. Each episode stars a famous actor in the role of the murderer and follows through the murder and the aftermath where Columbo pieces all the bits together and traps the murderer, either through his words or actions.

I was introduced to Columbo by a good friend at work – thanks @technogogical :) He particularly admired Columbo’s questioning technique and his ability to make the murderer let his guard down because he underestimated Columbo’s intelligence. Columbo acts very unassuming and incompetent, but this is a facade that hides his keen intellect. I was intrigued enough to order the first season. Now I’m two episodes in and also hooked on Columbo.

The funny thing is that when you express interest in a particular topic, you discover there is a whole community who are passionate about the same topic!

Did you know there is a synchronized Columbo watching Twitter group? I didn’t, but now I do! Follow the hashtag #ColumboTV if you are interested.

So if you haven’t yet seen Columbo, I hope this post encourages you to check him out! Watch the video clip for a small taster :)

The creative process in 10 steps #BlogJune

Think I’m on a bit of a roll with this whole creativity thing (see my previous post), so here’s another one I came across today courtesy of Brain Pickings.

You can read the full Brain Pickings post here.

The thing I like the most about this model is that it emphasizes the creative process – which is filled with ups and downs, confusion, premature breakthroughs, and finally the completion. It’s important to be able to enjoy & appreciate the journey that you take while being creative – not merely the finished product!

“Creativity is not a talent – it’s a way of operating” #BlogJune

Looking back over my #BlogJune posts so far, they seem to be mainly about inspiration and creativity (along with some things that make me laugh!). I was quite keen to blog more about my new(ish) job and what I’ve been doing professionally, but I’m so involved with work stuff at the moment, it’s hard for me to step back and blog about it. We’re getting down to the pedantic details of going over our APA handout(s) again – do we need a comma there? Shouldn’t the title of the website be in italics? Is this in the APA Manaual? Is this even *clear* in the APA Manual? Man, I hate this thing!  Stuff like that…

This work is combined with a working group across no less than 3 departments (which sometimes impacts on at least 5 departments) that are combining our academic learning resources and putting them in an accessible place for students online. Necessarily, this involves numerous meetings (24 hours – count them! – last week) and emails threads.

This is also combined with the exciting task of  writing a collection policy for our Research Archive, developing user documentation and FAQs for the aforementioned Research Archive, and creating more online resources.

Accordingly, I guess I’m leaning more towards the creative stuff at the moment to balance out all the other things; hopefully when the pendulum swings the other way (as it’s bound to do at some point), I can explore some more work stuff on this blog.  Or I’ll stop making excuses and just blog about it :P

Anyway – here’s John Cleese on the five things necessary for creativity – completely agree :D

Also check out the Brain Pickings post on the topic – pure genius :D If you’re ever looking for more creative or interesting things in your life, you can’t go past Brain Pickings  – it is a serendipitous source of interesting bits and pieces that will make you think & laugh.

Motivation: Autonomy, mastery and purpose #BlogJune

I’ve shared an RSA animated short on this blog before, but came across this one today and couldn’t resist writing about it :)

I probably should have come across Dan Pink before (or his book Drive), but this is my first introduction to his ideas – which make a surprising amount of sense.

Money is not the ultimate motivator, but the three-fold concept of autonomy, mastery & purpose sums up people’s motivation for jobs that involve cognitive skill and development. If folk have an opportunity to decide what they want to do and time to do it, they will come up with amazing things – guess it’s the old adage of people following their passion.

It’s definitely something I’d like to see more of – to have that kind of atmosphere in the workplace would be awesome!